How To Get Famous On Instagram Fast and Free [A 5-Minute Trick]

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog INDIANA BEATS. Today I will tell you how you can get famous on Instagram. Everybody knows that Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform today and you can also use this opportunity and get famous on Instagram very quickly. So If you want to get famous on Instagram read this full article and follow the tips.

Instagram is basically a photo-sharing social network service that allows its users to take pictures and edit them with inbuilt filters. After some major updates, now users are allowed to share stories, reels, and IGTV videos. On 9th July 2020 Instagram launched Reels – Short video format as the inbuilt feature. It has more than 1 Billion monthly active users. The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide to share photos and short videos. Most of its users are aged between 19 to 35.

9 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

Here are some tips to get famous on Instagram. Use these tips to get more followers and fans on Instagram and grow your account.

1. Pick a Good Username

Username is the first thing that people notice when they visit your account. So make sure it is attractive, short, easy to remember, and catchy. Username makes a good impact on visitors so choose it very wisely. Not every time we get our desired username so you can use words (like the and i), numbers, and symbols (like _) to get what you want.

2. Create a Good Profile Bio

After the username, the thing which matters the most is your profile bio. Mention everything about you in very short words in your profile bio. Use powerful words to make it impactful. Also, mention what are the benefits of following you on Instagram.

3. Choose a Niche and Stick to it

After creating a username and writing a profile bio the next thing you need to do is to pick a niche for your profile. Niche is a category for your profile. A niche-based profile gets more followers than a mixed profile because people get directly what they want. You can post in different categories like health, travel, food, daily care, jokes, and motivation.

Choose a niche of interest and start posting about it on your account.

4. Post Regularly

“Consistency is the key to success” You have heard this many times now it’s time to apply it. To Grow your Instagram account fast you need to be consistent with your content so, try to post photos and videos regularly. Also, be genuine with yourself in your posts. You need to be confident and keep doing what you doing.

5. Have a Positive content

Quality of Content also plays a big role in growing your account. If you give a good and positive message through your posts on Instagram then people will like it and must follow you but if your video is harassing or hurting someone then people may not follow you. So try to create positive content on Instagram. If your post appeals to something, it will be easy for you to get more fans on Instagram.

6. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags play a very vital role in growing your account on Instagram. Whenever you post a video or photo on your Instagram account use relevant hashtags to reach a bigger and more targeted audience. Also, write a good caption with your photo/videos to engage more people. Do not spam hashtags in the caption because if you do so then Instagram will ban your profile.

7. Connect with Your Followers

If someone follows you on Instagram then it is your responsibility to make interactions with them. The best way to interact with your fans on Instagram is to go live for them and you must do this on a weekly basis for better results. You can also reply to the comments on your videos for better audience reach. Also, you can leave comments on other popular users’ videos to get noticed by the relevant audiences.

8. Tag Relevant People

Whenever you make a post on Instagram do mention relevant profiles in your caption so that their audience can see your post and follow you.

9. Collaborate with other Popular Users

Collaborate with other popular users and accounts in your niche. This is beneficial for both you and him. Also, you can pay for another popular account to promote your account but this is not the recommended method.


These are the 9 Proven ways to get followers on your Instagram accounts. Use these methods and get fans on Instagram.

Nothing is hard in this world, you just need to never give up. I hope these tips will help you to grow your account and you will get more followers if you follow these tips. If you know more about how to get famous on Instagram fast then feel free to share those in the comments.

If you find these tips helpful then do share them with Instagram lovers and Subscribe to the blog for more tips.


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