How To Earn Money From Instagram in India

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog INDIANA BEATS. Today I will tell you how you can Earn Money From Instagram. Everybody knows that Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform today. But very few people know that they can make money from Instagram. So, If you want to start earning online then read this post carefully.

Everyone wants to be rich but after doing backbreaking work they achieve nothing. But on the other side, some people work very little but earn more money than hardworking people.

Some people make money on YouTube and some people use different applications to earn online and people are doing it as their full-time work. One of these applications is “Instagram”. So in this article, you will know different ways to earn money from an Instagram account.

7 Ways To Earn Money From Instagram

Here are the 7 Best Ways to Earn Money From Instagram in India. These are working and proven tricks. I also use these tricks to earn from Instagram that’s why I am sharing these tricks If you will use you will also make money from Instagram with very little effort.

1. Brand Sponsorship

Brand Sponsorship is the best way to make money from Instagram. When your account gets popular brands will contact you to promote their products and will pay you for the promotion.

Instagram is a very popular social media, It has more than 500 million users and therefore brands use it for their marketing. They want to inform users about their products. So they use the popular account to promote their product.

You can also sponsor a brand with the help of your Instagram account and earn money from it. The brand will contact you and when you accept their promotion idea they will pay you money. You can use Zintego to generate invoices and receive payment easily.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you have to promote the products of e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and when a customer buys the product from your link you will get a percentage commission for every sale.

When you put the link in the caption of the post, it will be converted into standard text and no one will be able to click on that link. Therefore, you have to contact the website generate a Coupon Code for that product, and write that Coupon Code along with your post.

When a person buys that product using that Coupon Code, then he will get a discount, and you will get your commission on the product.

3. Sell Your Products

Instagram is a good place to sell your products. There are two ways to earn by this method

  1. By Listing Your Products on Instagram Shopping: Instagram provides a feature to list your product on Instagram Shopping, for that you need to fulfill the requirements for Shopping on Instagram. If your account meets their requirements then you post the link of your product on Instagram Shopping for that you need to have a website. But if you don’t have a website, you can use the second method.
  2. By Direct Selling: In this method, you need to post a photo/video of your products and put that on Instagram and write its detail in the caption, and in the end, write “If you want to buy this then contact me.

These are the two ways to earn money by selling your products on Instagram.

4. Promote Others Instagram Accounts

Everybody wants to get famous on Instagram, so you can promote others’ accounts and charge money. This is not a proper passive way but still, you can earn good money from this trick.

You can charge $10 to $100 depending on what kind of post you must put on your account. But to promote other accounts you must have a good amount of followers on Instagram.

5. Sell Your Photos

If you are a good Photographer and can click professional photos, you can sell your photos on Instagram and earn money from them.

It is straightforward, create your profile on Image selling websites like Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock and upload your image. Now upload the same image on Instagram with your logo on it and tell people that if they want to download this image then they can visit your profile on the image-selling site.

Pro Tip: Give people some regular freebies to make your brand popular.

6. Become an Instagram Account Manager

If you have good knowledge of Instagram then you can become another account manager and charge good money for that.

Many celebrities can’t manage all of their social media accounts at once. So they hire an account manager for any celebrity. For this, you need to have a good portfolio as an account manager.

After this, you can list yourself on freelancing sites or join LinkedIn to find a job as an Instagram account manager.

Also, If you have mastery in photo editing then you can edit photos for others and charge good money form them and charge money from them.

7. Sell your Instagram Account

Do you know, you can sell Instagram accounts with good followers? The account must have a good amount of followers and the account must be engaging.

There are many ways to sell an Instagram account but the most popular is to list your account at

Final Words

These are the Top 7 Ways To Earn Money From Instagram. All of the above are the proven and working tips that helped me to earn money from Instagram. If you know about any other method to make money from Instagram then let us know in the comments and share this with everyone who wants to earn money from Instagram.

Thank You.

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