How To Earn Money From YouTube

YouTube is getting popular these days, but do you know how to earn money from youtube? If yes, maybe you already know about YouTube, which is good, but if not, then don’t worry, today you will find How You can Earn Money From YouTube and it will solve your all queries related to youtube earning and you will be able to earn money from YouTube, like other famous YouTubers.

There are many ways to make money online like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Ebook Revenues, Freelancing on Fiverr Upwork, etc. But the first time when I watched a YouTube Viedo I came to know that we can make money from YouTube by uploading videos.

Many people are making money from youtube more than they can make from a normal 9 to 5 job. They have chosen YouTube as their full-time career and earning good revenue from their youtube channel. So, let’s know how you can earn money from youtube like other famous YouTubers.

How To Earn Money From YouTube

If you want to earn money from home, then YouTube is the best platform for you. You can choose it as a part-time or full-time career. YouTube is a free platform and here you can earn millions of rupees with very little investment. If someone is telling you that you can earn money online without having any investment then either he is lying or he is a fraud. I have tried many methods to earn money by working online and I found that YouTube is a great platform to earn good money with very little investment.

To earn money on YouTube, you have to make professional videos of good quality. Also, you need to learn some basic things like how to make professional videos, how to edit videos, how to do SEO of youtube videos, how to make an attractive thumbnail, how to write descriptions and titles, etc.

Following are the best ways to make money from YouTube

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most common way to earn money from YouTube. You can monetize your youtube channel with Google Adsense if you follow their criteria for monetization. You need 1000 Subscribers and a watch time of 4000 hours in the past 12 months to monetize your Youtube channel. If your channel will follow these criteria then Adsense will allow you to monetize your channel. And whenever a viewer clicks on those ads, then you can earn money from them. This is the best way to earn money from YouTube.

2. Sponsored Video

To earn money from Sponsored Video, first, you have to make your channel popular and once your channel becomes popular sponsors will contact you to display their ads in your channels. Which you can show at the starting or at the end of your video and companies will pay you money for these ads in your video. Sponsors will also contact you to review their product and will pay you good money for that.

3. Affiliate Marketing

You can earn a lot of money from YouTube in a very short time with the help of Affiliate Marketing. To earn money from Affiliate Marketing on YouTube you have to choose a good product, then use that product to make a review video on it and after that add its buying link in the description of the video so that your viewers can buy it and that you get commission according to the purchase.

4. Sell Your own Product

Selling your own product on youtube is the best way to earn money from youtube. You can sell your own products in a very simple way. Just make a video on your product and tell users about the benefits of your product and add your contact details in the description box so that buyers can contact you if they need the product.

5. Sell Your Merchandise

Merchandising is the oldest way to earn money from youtube channels mostly used by artists and brands. You can sell your own merchandise on your channel. It includes the following things

  1. T-shirts
  2. Caps
  3. Stickers
  4. Notebooks
  5. Jewelry
  6. Smartphone covers
  7. Stickers
  8. Mugs
  9. Hoodies
  10. Jumpers

Youtube also provides the option to advertise your merchandise below your video and if someone clicks on it then he will be redirected to the seller’s page. But there are very few companies that can be added as merchandisers on youtube and youtube is working to improve that.

Comedy YouTube Channel BB ki Vines use this method and sell his merchandise on his own website called youthiapa.

You can watch this video to learn more about how you can make money from youtube merchandise.

6. Youtube Channel Membership

Youtube Channel Membership is a good alternative to Google Adsense if you want to earn money from Youtube. This feature is launched by YouTube as ‘Sponsorship’ but later renamed as ‘Channel Membership’.

Channel Membership is a way to collect monthly subscription fees from your fan who join your channel and in return, they get access to exclusive content, perks, and badges from their favorite content creators.

But like Adsense Channel Membership has also some eligibility criteria. Here are some of them

  • Your channel is in the YouTube Partner Program
  • The channel must have more than 30000 subscribers.
  • Your age is more than 18 years old
  • Your location is one of the available locations
  • You (and your MCN, if applicable) have agreed to and are complying with YouTube terms and policies (including the applicable Commerce Product Addendum)
  • You have zero active strikes (Copyright strike, community guidelines strike)

If your channel has the following criteria then youtube will notify you or you can check that in the monetization section of your dashboard. You can choose to either, switch on and off your channel memberships your dashboard.

7. Super Chat

YouTube Super Chat is a good way to monetize your channel if you have a gaming YouTube Channel or you do continuous live-streaming on your channel. This feature is introduced by YouTube in 2017.

During live streaming, if a person wants to stand out in comment they need to pay for it and it is known as Super Chat. The money is directly sent to YouTuber’s Adsense account.

Eligibility Criteria: If your channel is monetized with YouTube Partnership Program then it is automatically eligible for Super Chat.

You Can enable it in Youtube features settings from your dashboard.

8. Fundraising

Fundraising or Crowdfunding can also help you to earn money from YouTube. In Fundraising your subscriber will pay small amounts to you as support if they like your work.

There are many websites that help you in crowdfunding, google supports these sites but I personally like Patreon.

Many news websites and speakers use this method to earn money from youtube.

9. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a premium feature offered by YouTube in which the subscriber who pays for the feature can enjoy ad-free videos, original and unique content, play the YouTube app in the background, download videos to watch when you are offline.

There are many other ways to monetize your youtube channel like you can send traffic to your website or you can sell the traffic by putting other’s links in your video. But these are short-term ideas, the above-mentioned ways are the best.

Final Words

These are the top 9 ways to earn money from youtube. These are practical and proven methods and it will definitely help you to make money from youtube. If you know any other method to make money on youtube then you can leave a comment about it. Also, share this article with those who want to make money on YouTube. Thank You.


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