Top 10 Indian Comedy YouTube Channels

In our last article, we told you about the Top Indian YouTubers and their channel. We also have some discussions about how YouTube is getting popular day by day and some awesome stats about YouTube and its creators. In his article, we will discuss the top 10 comedy youtube channel in Indian that are entertaining us via this platform and earning money on YouTube.

YouTube is the biggest social media platform in the world where people watch videos for entertainment, knowledge, and for different purposes. Entertainment is the biggest category on YouTube and people also love to watch videos of this category. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 Indian Comedy YouTube Channels that are entertaining us with their satire skills.

List of Top Comedy YouTube Channels in India

Here is the list of the top 10 comedy YouTube Channels that are making us roll over by their skills.

1. Amit Bhadana – 14.3 Million Subscribers

Amit Bhadana has 14.2 Million Subscribers hence he is the top comedian of youtube in India. He is popular for his desi kind of content on his YouTube channel. He has a famous tagline for himself “MASTER BHI KEHDE ISE NA PADHANA!! NAAM HAI ISKA AMIT BHADANA” This is also the tagline of his YouTube Channel. Amit’s content totally relates to the culture of India which brings him more than 14.2 million subscribers.

Amit Bhadana has 56 videos on his channel. A video on Types Of People in a Bus is the most popular video of Amit Bhadana on YouTube it has 45 Million views.

2. BB ki Vines – 13.2 Million Subscribers

Bhuvan Bam Is the most popular name when we talk about Indian YouTubers. BB has 13.3 Million Subscribers. His content basically defines the situation of every Indian family. Titu Mama A character of his channel is the most popular among his audience.

Bhuvan Bam has uploaded 139 videos on his channel and the video in which he introduced Titu Mama is the most popular video of BB ki Vines, It has 36 Million views.

3. Ashish Chanchalani Vines- 11.5 Million Subscribers

Ashish Chanchalani is a civil engineer by education but he drops his college because of interest in acting. Now he is running a successful Comedy on

YouTube and ruling the hearts of Indians. Ashish has 11.5 Million subscribers. Recently his channel crossed 1 billion views. He covers all the recent topics on his channel and it is the reason why people love him.

Ashish has uploaded a total of 125 videos. Exams Ka Mausam video is the most-watched video of Ashish Chanchlani. It has 39 Million views.

4. KHANDESHI MOVIES – 8.0 Million Subscribers

Khandeshi Movies bring you Khandeshi Comedy Movies, short films, and Gags. This channel has 71 videos and 1.9 million views. Khandeshi Movies post short comedy videos and are popular due to their comedy content.

CHOTU KE GOLGAPPE is the most popular video of Khandeshi Movies, it has 242 Million views.

4. Jkk Entertainment – 6.7 Million Subscribers

Jkk entertainment posts Indian comedy videos. This channel is full of short comedies and entertainment videos. JKK Entertainment has 6.7 Million subscribers and 1.4 billion views.

CHOTU DADA RIKSHA WALA is the most popular video of Jkk Entertainment, it has 151 Million views.

5. CarryMinati – 6.4 Million Subscribers

Ajay Nagar (Popularly Known as CarryMinati) is the most popular roasting comedy YouTube channel in India. Ajey use to post football tricks videos on his channel but started posting roasting videos on YouTube from Jun 27, 2015.

CarryMinati has 151 videos on his YouTube channel and 590 Million views. Carry’s rap song on T Series Vs Pewdiepie is the most popular video on his channel. It has 19 Million views.

6. Make Joke Of – 5.8 Million Subscribers

Make Joke of uploads funny animated videos on social topics. They present social things in funny ways to their audience. This channel is not active for the past 3 months. The last video posted by MJo was on 13 December 2018.

MJO has uploaded 26 videos on his channel and has 653 million views. STORY OF AN INTERVIEW video by Make Joke of has the highest watched video of MJO, it has 52 Million views.

7. Harsh Beniwal – 5.7 Million Subscribers

The comedy content of Harsh Beniwal is different from others, His content is mostly loved by Indian Males (mostly students) because they can connect to his character. Harsh Beniwal won the prize of Top Indian comedian 2018.

Harsh has 126 videos on his Channel and 411 Million views. A video on Bhai Behan Ka Pyaar is the most-watched video of Harsh Beniwal, It has 21 Million Views.

8. Elvish Yadav – 4.4 Million Subscribers

Elvish Yadav post deshi comedy content on his self-titled YouTube channel. His deshi content brings him 4.4 Million subscribers. Elvish’s video on SCHOOL LIFE – THEN VS NOW has the most number of views on his channel, that video brings change to his channel and he got good subscribers on YouTube.

Elvish Yadav has uploaded 89 videos on YouTube and got 201 million views.

9. Zakir Khan – 3.7 Million Subscribers

Zakir Khan, The Stand-Up comedian is now becoming the popular Indian YouTube creator of India. He mostly publishes his videos on amazon prime but now he is also working on YouTube. He has now 3.75 Million subscribers.

Zakir has uploaded 51 videos on his channel and has 234 Million views. Zakir khan’s comedy on When I meet a Delhi Girl on the stage of AIB Diwas is the most-watched video of his channel.

10. The Screen Patti – 3.6 Million Subscribers

The Screen Patti is the one-stop shop for desi humor. TSP is popular for its up-to-date comedy. Their content will make you laugh. They post different section comedy videos on their channel but I like their comedy video on TV anchor Rabish. I also like the intro of their channel. For the past 7 months, every video of The Screen Patti is on the list of trending on YouTube(This is my personal experience).

The Screen Patti has uploaded 170 videos on their channel and has 385 million views. TSP’s spoof on Sanju’s Trailer is the most-watched video of The Screen Patti with 10 Million views.


These are the Top 10 Indian Comedy YouTube Channels. From these 10 channels, 6 are self-titled, 1 is name-based and 3 are managed by companies. This means that individual creators are on the rise on YouTube in India. Share your opinion about this blog in the comment section below. I hope you guys like the information. Please leave a comment if I have missed any channel.


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