How To Get Famous on TikTok Fast

Musically/TikTok may not be one of the top-rated social media, just like Instagram or Facebook. But it making its presence on teens and tweens.!

It claims more than 500 million registered users. Tik Tok’s popularity is growing rapidly and there is a core of influencers developing on the platform. In India, it has 20 Million active users. In the starting stage of Tik Tok (musically) most of its top stars are female but now male users are also showing their talent through this app. Tik Tok users upload more than 13 million videos every day.

Tik Tok allows young performers to share short performance videos. The most popular of these are lip-sync videos, although members are now uploading more short videos of original content.
TikTok’s young fans are known as “TikTokers”. 75% of the TikTokers are female; 54% are aged between 13 and 24. TikTok also provides live-streaming capability with the in-built feature.

These are some cool facts about the TikTok app. Now we need to Know How we can grow our fan following on this app. So, here are 10 Easy and Genuine tips to get famous on TikTok fast.

Why I am Giving You these tips?

You might be thinking “who the heck I am to give you these tips?” Here is the reason why I am sharing these tips with you, I have analyzed more than 60 Top Tik Tok Accounts and the result was very shocking! most of those top accounts are following some steps and ruling the Tik Tok App. If you are a regular user of the TikTok app then you know the Faisal Shaikh (mr_faisu_07) Member of Team 07, In November 2018 He has only 2.5 Million followers, and Now He is one of the Top Indian Tik Tok Stars. So How he grew His account? Here is what I have found

10 Easy and Genuine Tips To Get Famous on Tik Tok Fast

Here are some tips to get famous on TikTok fast. These tips are based on my personal experience and they will help you to grow your TikTok fan base.

1. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success, No matter you are shooting a video for Tik Tok, YouTube or Instagram. To Grow your Tik Tok account fast you need to be consistent with Your content So, Try to Post videos regularly. Also, Be genuine and yourself in your videos. You need to be confident and keep doing what you doing.

2. Always Participate in Challenges

TikTok app is famous for giving new challenges every week, the video of these challenges are always on the trend and people like to watch these kinds of videos as they always love to watch new things. If You also make videos on these challenges people will address your profile on TikTok and they might be interested in following You, So try to participate in all trending challenges on the app.

3. Perform on All Trending #Hashtags

Whenever you try to search anything on the TikTok app you always came across some #Hashtags which are on the trend, These hashtags can help you to grow your account fast, you can see all the top videos of hashtags and get the ideas from that and can create a new video. This is the most important point if you want to grow your account on TikTok fast.

4. Pick a Niche and Stick to it

There are many famous niche-based videos on TikTok. The most popular of these are lip-sync videos and Comedy videos. You can pick a niche of your interest and make videos on that particular niche. This will help you to get genuine followers on TikTok App. People also like mixed content videos but creating a niche-based profile will help you to grow fast.

5. Collaborate with other Popular TikTok Users

Collaboration helps you to get noticed by the followers of other users. If someone has a good fan base on TikTok then try to make videos with him/her, this will let the people know about you. If you can not meet him/her face to face, then try to make duets with him/her and must mention their profile in the description, So that their followers can watch your videos and follow you. People also like group videos on TikTok so try to make videos with other popular creators.

6. Share Your Video on Your Social Profile

Social Media play a big role in growing your Tik Tok account. If you tell someone to go and follow your account on Tik Tok then they might not interested in following You but If you create good quality videos and share them on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube then people might be interested in following you. If they like the videos they follow you on TikTok and you can grow your account.

7. Have a Positive content

Quality of Content also plays a big role in growing your TikTok account. If you give a good and positive message through your videos on Tik Tok then people will like it and must follow you but if your video is harassing or hurting someone then people may not follow you. So try to create positive content on TikTok. If your post appeals to something then it will be easy for you to get more fans on TikTok.

8. Use Hate Comments as Motivation

Whenever you get popular anywhere you will get haters, these people don’t have anything for themselves but they will try to decrease your motivation, just ignore them and focus on your work. If someone writes hate comments on your video then use it as your motivation and keep your good work.

9. Connect with Your Fans

If someone follows you on TikTok then it is your responsibility to make interactions with them. The best way to interact with your fans on TikTok is to go live for them and you must do this on a weekly basis for better results. You can also reply to the comments on your videos for better audience reach. Also, you can leave comments on other popular user videos to get noticed.

10. Just Be You

If you try to be someone else then you will be exposed in very few days. So try to be you and do everything in your comfort zone to get genuine followers.


Nothing is hard in this world, you just need to never give up. I hope these tips will help you to grow your account and you will get more followers if you follow these tips. If you know more about how to get famous on TikTok fast then feel free to share those in the comments.

If you find these tips helpful then do share them with TikTok lovers and Subscribe to the notification of the blog for more tips.


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  2. Go follow me on Tik Tok @CadenceStokes. I’m a small page without many followers and I need support. The tips from this website are helpful, and I’ll try to use them in the future, although I don’t post regularly. Another tip that I’ve found is to make a couple videos (not too many!) specifically asking for likes, followers, ect, but giving something in return. For example, make a vid saying that you’ll follow everyone back, or double tap and I’ll go like all of your vids, then, follow through. Hope this helped!


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