Sports Culture in India: Cricket Vs Other Sports

Sports have always been an integral part of society since ages. Their contribution to overall personality development is immense. There are 8000+ sports in the world but very few got popularity in India over time. Some of these sports originated in India while some came because of the influence from other countries. One of the most popular games in India is Cricket, which is not only the sport but literally religion for the people in India. The relationship between sports and culture in India is very puzzled. They don’t often play National Game with that spirit comparatively which they play cricket.

Sports Culture in India: Why Cricket is so Popular in India?

The origin of cricket is in England. As you know they ruled over India for almost few centuries by this time the cricket got popular in England. They transferred the interest to Indians that’s why this sport is related to Indian culture more than any other sports. Here are the top 3 reasons why cricket is so popular in India.

  1. Three World cup Trophies – India won the Cricket World Cup title three times. In 1983 and 2011 it was ODI trophy and in 2007 it was T20 trophy. Which is one of the biggest reason why Indians love this sport that much
  2. T20s and IPL – The twenty-twenty is the shortest format of cricket and it is more entertaining than any other format. The basis for this was laid down by BCCI. The regulatory body started the home league of that in 2007 and named it Indian Premier league. The people from every region started supporting their teams and it is getting even more popular as time passes.
  3. Players – Some players are also responsible for the popularity of this game. It started with Sunil Gavaskar when he starts scoring, It became headlines and when people see that they start supporting the team. After him, it was Kapil Dev who did the same thing for the team. The third player who continued this streak was Sachin Tendulkar also known as Master Blaster. In fact, he took this game to complete another level and became God for those who believe that their religion is Cricket. Sports culture in India is largely dominated by cricket.

In this way, cricket became the most popular sport in India and changed the sporting culture of India. But now it is that famous that every other sports are getting covered under its shadow. In other words, it poses a threat to other games. Though now there is some care about that, and the governing bodies of each sport take some steps for rising of it. Here are some sports and culture things whose rising steps might have a bright future in India here are few of them


Kabbadi is originated in India and currently played by 12 nations. The International Kabbadi Federation organized three World Cups and India has won all of them but still, this game couldn’t get that kind of headline which it deserves.

For promoting this sport in India, Indian Kabbadi federation started Pro Kabbadi League in 2012 which was not that much successful in its first two seasons. But from third season this sport started getting some audience and in its fifth season, 1.6 billion people watched it. The final of Pro Kabbadi League 5 became the first most watched non-cricketing game in India.

Season 6 of Pro Kabaddi was also very successful and made its mark among the audience but still, this sport is not getting the deserving headline.


Hockey is the national game of India but never got the treatment like one. Whenever there is the talk of sports culture in India this game must come first. Before cricket, this game was the most popular game in India, but after rising of cricket it went under its shadow. In 2014 Asian games the team won the gold medal. In 2016 and 2018, the Indian team managed to go to finals of Champions trophy and the team also won the Asia Cup in 2017 but even then this sport didn’t get that attention which it deserved.


Badminton is also getting popular among people of India. After some players like Saina Nehwal, P V Sindhu, Parupalli Kashyap, and Srikant Kidambi started winning titles on the International level, the number of people being on it soar. Started in 2013, Premier Badminton league also helped badminton to get its step in the heart of Indians. This sport claims the second position among the all sports available in India


Wrestling also gained popularity after starting of Pro Wrestling league in 2015. Before that, some wrestlers like Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt held the Indian flag high of India at International level. After Sakshi Malik won the bronze for India in Rio Olympics it is also getting popular among women. Also after the movie Dangal wrestling is getting popular in India. And Now the phenomenal wrestler of India Bajrang Punia is making us proud by performing well at Commonwealth Games and Asian Wrestling Championship.

Other Sports

There are many sports like Football Table Tennis etc. which are growing fastly in India with the help of their leagues. Indian Super league of football and newly started Ultimate Table Tennis of football and Pro Volleyball is making their mark among Indian Sports Lovers.

Finally, we can say we seriously need to support other sports culture in India, changes should be brought which can be the future of India. We will also have to change sports and culture bonding in India.

I hope You guys like this article on Sports Culture in India. We really need to Support other sports and help them to grow because we are capable to dominate every sport with the help of 1.30 billion peoples. If you like this article and want to support and grow all other sports in India then must share this with everyone who can contribute to change and share your views about the improvements in comments.

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