How to Install LuluBox on Mobile

For many years, iOS users have been able to choose from a large number of alternative app stores. Although they were mostly released as Cydia alternatives, they have since become incredibly popular as alternatives to the iOS app store, offering all the modified apps and games and other unofficial content that Apple doesn’t allow into the store. Android users haven’t been so fortunate, with just a couple of alternative stores or the official Android app store to choose from. The only other option they have is to root their devices to install third-party content, a risk not many are prepared to take. Recently, things changed with a new alternative called Lulubox. However, this is not an app store, and it is a modification tool that provides additional features to existing stock apps and games. Your device doesn’t have to be rooted, and it’s completely free so keep reading to find out all you need to know.

How to Install Lulubox:

Here is the step-by-step guide to install this amazing app store.

  1. First, go into your Android settings app and tap Security or Privacy
  2. Find Unknown Sources and enable it
  3. Close Settings and use your browser to open the Lulubox download page
  4. Download the APK file
  5. Open your Downloads location and double-tap on the file
  6. Follow any installation instructions that appear and wait – when you see the Lulubox icon on your home screen, the tool is installed.

How to Use Lulubox

Lulubox is dead simple to use but keep in mind that it isn’t an app store and you won’t find loads of preinstalled content to download. Instead, it can modify some apps and games you already downloaded from the official store:

  1. Open Lulubox from your home screen
  2. A list of all the supported apps and games on your device will appear
  3. Tap the app or game that you want to be modified
  4. The available modifications will appear; activate the booster to apply them
  5. When you no longer want the MOD’s, follow these steps again and deactivate the booster.

Pros and Cons

These will help you decide if you want to try Lulubox:


  • Offers lots of modifications to official content
  • Support for many popular titles
  • Your gaming quality is not affected by using the tool
  • Includes a chatroom and provides an enjoyable competitive gaming atmosphere


  • Does not have any pre-installed content – it only modifies what you already have on your device
  • Does not support all titles
  • You must ensure your apps and games are downloaded via the Android app store, even premium ones – Lulubox doesn’t remove the need to purchase paid apps and games
  • Opening and closing Lulubox isn’t always smooth

Lulubox Troubleshooting

While Lulubox works fine for most users, a couple of minor errors have been reported, all easy to resolve:

Lulubox Won’t Download

This happens when you don’t enable the Unknown Sources option. If you didn’t, remove Lulubox from your device, enable the option, and then install it again.

Lulubox Stopped Working

Delete Lulubox and reinstall it. Don’t forget it will only provide modifications to already installed official content.

Running Exception Error Message

Some users are reporting an error message reading, “Running exception! Please check the running exception of your cell phone and try again later,” which is stopping them from using the app. To fix this, delete the app data and cache. Also, if you have previously installed a hex editor, you will need to delete it, because it is essentially the same as Lulubox, and having both on your device together will cause conflicts.

If you still can’t get Lulubox to work, make sure you have the latest version – if necessary, delete it and reinstall the most up-to-date version.

Please be aware that, unlike many unofficial alternatives to the app store, you won’t get great customer service with Lulubox… The developers will ensure the app is updated and stays safe for you to use, they will rarely answer queries submitted via their social media pages.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Lulubox Safe to Use?

Yes, we ran it through our tests, and there is nothing that can compromise your data or device. While the developers don’t offer customer service, they do ensure Lulubox is kept safe for all who use it. All you have to do is install the updates as they are released. That said, as with any third-party content, always have good antivirus on your device.

Does Lulubox Work on iOS?

No. It was developed for the Android market only and will not be extended to other mobile platforms.

Can I Use it on Desktop?

Yes but, because it doesn’t have official desktop support, you must install it via an Android emulator. It also doesn’t support desktop app stores so you can only use it with official Google Play Store content – you can access the Play Store via the emulator.

Is it Free?

Yes, it is free to download and all modifications are free too.

How Do I Play Games Through Lulubox?

Install your chosen games from the official Play Store and then install Lulubox. If your games are supported, Lulubox will show you the modifications and you can activate the booster to apply them. It’s that simple and, when you no longer want them, simply deactivate the booster.

Lulubox is a free Android modification tool, not an app store, but it does support thousands of popular titles. Install it on your device today and see how it can change your mobile app and gaming experience.

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