Organic Clothing

Quotes from one of the brands- “To save the planet one has to either fly to the moon, become superhero chemically, kill all the terrorists, or just go Organic”

Organic clothing is not just for high-end clientele, but for everyone who recognizes the need for sustainability, and appreciates the fact that eco-friendly clothing is best for the skin. Here are ten brands that offer a wide range of organic clothing from chic, trendy fashion to colorful ethnic, elegant sarees, to infant clothing. Read what separates each brand from the rest, gathering their fiber from trails that include the deserts of Rajasthan, to green lands of Kabini, to bring fashion that is ethical and suits everyone’s palate.

Organic clothing is clothing which is made from materials raised in on in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic clothing may be composed of Cotton, Jute, Silk, Ramie, or Wool. Textiles do not need to be 100% organic to use the organic label. A more general term is organic textiles, which includes both apparel and home textiles. The technical requirements in terms of certification and origin generally remain the same for organic clothing and organic textiles.

Some Brands You Could opt for organic clothing

#1. H&M:

H&M has come up with organic clothing ranging for men, woman, and kids. The prices vary from INR 700 and above.



#2.  No Nasties

A fashion brand that set out in the market with a mission; a strong moral and value system for Fairtrade – “No genetically modified seeds, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, no carcinogens, no high-interest loans, no child labor, no price exploitation, no suicides!”


Providing the customers not just variety in t-shirts but also sending a message of awareness that one simply can’t ignore without altering their styles or fashion taste. No-Nasties has a range of interesting t-shirts that are trendy, organic and are out there to spread their mission.


Anokhi is based in Jaipur. From the land that has always been a domicile of adroit artisans, Anokhi is committed to its work and ethical morals, maintaining honest relationships with artists and providing them support to work from their homes in Jaipur. One of the oldest brands in the market that are been creating and promoting organic fashion, Anokhi is an expert in block printing with vegetable color dyes. Anokhi’s designs blend contemporary styles with bold striking graphics and colors. link:

Here are my Top 3  preference I would suggest If you want to go for Organic Clothing. Check out my latest blog on Top Indian Musically Stars

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