Why Faisal Shaikh (mr_faisu_07) and his friends are banned from TikTok

TikTok is a very popular app to create short videos. It is very popular among Indian youth. TikTok has more than 500+ active users. This app is a video platform that serves different types of videos among its users. On 8 July this app banned some of his popular users including Faisal Shaikh.

In India, this app is very popular and has a very good Indian audience. On 17 April 2019 TikTok is banned by the Supreme Court of India and removed from all the platforms. But after increasing securities and features this app was back on Play Store and other application platforms. Now on 08 July, the account of Top Indian TikTok user @Mr_Faisu_07 has been removed by TikTok. All videos of TikTok user @mr_faisu_07 have been removed by TikTok. Also his song with Jannat Zubair “Tere bin kive” has been removed from all the platforms by Zee Music Company.

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The reason behind the ban of Faisu on TikTok

On 07 July TikTok star Faisal Shaikh makes a video with his friends (Team 07) on TikTok in which he says that “Maar toh diya tumne bekasoor Tabrez Ansari ko, Kaluski aulaad badla le to ye mat kehna Muslman Aatankwadi hai.” His friend Hasnain Khan and Sadhan Faroqui also made the same video. After saying this the video goes viral and when people noticed the started criticizing Faisal Shaikh (mr_faisu_07) and his friends.

Ramesh Solanki, Shiv Sena activist, filed a complaint against Faisu and his group “Team07” which is very popular on TikTok. They have nearly 4 corer followers on the app. Team 07 is the group of Faisal Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch, Adnan Shaikh, and Sadhan Farooqui. Mumbai Police has complained against all of them for spreading hate speech on social media.

Who is Tabrez Ansari?

Tabrez Ansari was a thief who was brutally thrashed by a mob on suspicion of bike theft and forced to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram. On 17 June the people of Kaddeeha village had beaten Tabriz Ansari on the charge of theft. On 18 June police reach the spot and arrested 11 people and saved Tabrez. He died five days later in judicial custody. Eleven people have been arrested in the case. Also, the Ranchi High court has accepted that mob lynching was the reason behind the death of Tabrez Ansari.

In simple language, we can say that Faisal Shaikh and his friends were banned from TikTok due to spreading hate speech on social media. His words can spread Communal riots that is why the account of Faisu is banned. That’s why someone said, “Think before you speak”. After all the incidents he posted on Instagram he said that “I am sorry if it hurts anyone, we don’t have any intention to hurt anyone.” Share this article to everyone so that they can know about this incident and let me know what you think in comments.


9 thoughts on “Why Faisal Shaikh (mr_faisu_07) and his friends are banned from TikTok”

  1. He is not create wrong Intention But some Haters and political Leaders are trying to him For down now Faisu was Indian is a No 1 tik tok superstar He was connected by more than 2cr.40lacks people’s means 24.1 million and world is First 1billion Like❤ and Hearts Grosser but Now will Are stand with #Faisu and His Team #wessupportteam07

    • Faisu and team07 made a very big mistake. But they realize their mistake and they also felt sorry. Please forgive them. Million of fans are waiting for them

    • Yes, Mashak maybe their intention was not wrong but as a creator, he needs to post good content, not the type of content which can cause religious riots in the country.

      As a creator, I always watch and read my content more than 5 to 6 times before publishing it. and he also needs to do that.

      Also, their after-action was not good because they were with the criminal Ajaz Khan which is not good. I watched their Instagram video but they have not mentioned the word “sorry” in their whole video.

  2. Mistakes are made by people and team07 also made a very big mistake. They felt sorry on their mistake. Please don’t suspend them on tiktok. Because forgiveness is the biggest punishment to punish the guilty. This is my humble request and still now million of people are fan of faisu and team07 and they all are standing with them.

    • Sakshi that is not only the mistake but they were also speaking against the Constitution of India. And speaking against he constitution is speaking against the country that’s why nobody will forgive them. And if you are supporting him then you are big criminal than him.

      The whole team07 was with Ajaz Khan who is anti-national and criminal and hope you have seen their video in which they were disrespecting the constitution on India by saying “Jo ukharna ukhar le”

      Please understand the intension of what they were saying. They are completely against the constitution of India and such people should be punished badly.

  3. Mr faisu and his team members should not be banned from tiktok they did a mistake and they have already they have gone through a tough time and still they r guilty for it. So I think they should be forgiven

  4. I watched this after the ban is removed. But Tiktok made a big mistake doing so. There absence would not matter to us. There are better Tiktok stars like Zach King ,Loren Grey etc and even Riyaz and many more from India.They are
    quite …… what to say …..a bit fickle minded,


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