How to Start a Startup Business in India: Guide for New Entrepreneurs

Younger the generation, younger is their aspirations and everyone knows starting Startups is in trend. Gone is the time when only the Government Job was considered respectful. So, as the youths of India are getting increasingly engaged and have started taking a keen interest in self-employment it becomes important to get to know how to start a startup. Starting an online Business or Startup is not easy for new Entrepreneurs so, we have prepared a few guidelines which will help you to launch a successful startup.

How to Start a Startup Business in India and Grow Fast

Here is Step by Step Guideline on How to Start a Startup Business that will save you from failure and help you to expand your business fast.

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Infographic: How to Start a Startup in India

1. Come Up With an Idea

The most basic nature to start a startup is to introduce something new, unique or necessary improvement to the existing setup. So, whenever you think about how to start a startup, first ensure you know the dish you are planning to serve, it is just to check that if your product has some market need or not. Otherwise, everything is just a waste of time. Many times there is a need but not a market, then you have to do that work as well.

2. Prepare a Business Plan

Prepare a business plan is the second most important thing to start a startup. Every single Enterprise on this planet, no matter how big or small needs a plan or strategy, basically termed as the business plan. It is the only and most important base for Amazon, Google as well as your business. There are formats of business plans available on the internet, just visit one and fill out every column with a vision and you will have your business plan ready. After the plan is made, you also have to follow that exactly. Investors are very interested in this, so be careful and enthusiastic.

3. Avoide Unnecessary Expenses

When you kick off your business there is a need for many kinds of things, but always look to save money which will help you to manage your expenses. For example, a startup can be started from home, You don’t need to get an office in the early phase of your startup. There are many other ways to save money so always look to save money.

4. Look for Co-Founders

Once you have outlined the objectives of your business and needs in the business plan, the next step is to look for someone who can work with you to make your dreams realized. It is one of the most important tasks, an entrepreneur faces, to find the one with the same enthusiasm and required skill set pertaining to your business. Discuss various aspects first and only then finalize, there may be need of 2-3 people or maybe you can get alone.

5. Hire Workers

When you start a startup there will be lots of works to do, and you can’t manage every department by yourself. So, look for some freelancers and the self-employed person who will do those works for you. Make sure your workers have some experience in their related department.

6. Build a High Performance Team

After getting workers, co-founders, and a business plan you need to build a high-performing team that gives results. A to build a high-performing team consists of well-trained people in their field. It is not necessary that they were experts but the thing that matters is they need to be productive with the same vision as you.

7. Take Your First Step

Now you have got your partners, business plan, and all the idea you have in your mind to scale your startup, it is crucial to start. Very often, people are hesitant about starting because they see too many challenges. Just accept this as one of the bumpy rides, and you will keep soaring high. So, Just buy a domain and make your business online. World’s richest man Bill Gates Says “If your business is not online then your business will be out of business” Therefore, Invest your time and money, be confident of your abilities and the success is yours to taste.

8. Give Your Best

After getting started you need to give your best to be successful. Most startups fail due to laziness. They start their business and after sometimes they became lazy. So for being successful, you need to give your best to your business. You always need to be strong because it is not easy to run a business. And once you start giving your best, your startup will start giving you results.

9. Never give up

Whenever you get into something new, it is quite obvious that you will face a whole lot of difficulty in setting things up. You may feel like wasting your precious time in days or in months, with no significant improvement. One of the main reasons why most startups fail is that the entrepreneur gives up very easily. But, at such time, you need to think, what made you think you read on how to start a startup. One simple yet powerful formula of success is never giving up and it applies to everything.

10. Don’t Focous on Money

Yes, I know Money is the most important thing in the world but when you start a business you need to provide good service instead of focusing on money. Once, your idea succeeds then money will start following you. So, Focus on providing good service.

11. Keep Improving

The time you know you don’t have to give up, you will be putting in all of the efforts and this is the point where things start getting positive for you. One important thing is asking. Ask yourself questions on what I want and how should I go about the same. Eventually, you will have a lot of ideas. Never also fear to ask seniors and experienced ones for help.

12. Don’t Expect Too Much in beginning

When you start a startup it is like a newborn baby, nobody knows about it and it is not necessary that it solves everyone’s problem. But as time goes, people will start understanding your idea and you will do very well. So, be patient and provide a good quality service for others.

13. Observe Successful Startups

To start a successful startup you need to observe how some of the startups got successful. I am not telling you to follow them but you need to learn from others because learning by your own failure will waste your time and money. But there is a caution you also need to understand about circumstances.

14. Get Some Feedback

When your startup starts growing you need to get feedback from your customer about how can you improve more. Not everybody is interested in it but you will get some valuable information about how you can improve your business. So, continuing this term must leave a comment about this article.

15. Always have a backup plan

This is the most important point of “How to Start a Successful Startup“. Whenever people start a business they won’t think about its black side. So, when you will start your startup you need to have a backup plan. It could be possible that your business can be hit by financial problems or your team will leave you alone so for these kinds of situations you need to prepare a backup plan. The backup plan will help you to never stop your startup and help you to do everything on your own.


I hope now you have known how to start a Startup Business. It’s time to act, take your first step, and launch your business online. There is no perfect time to start a business so start today and win hearts by solving problems. And if you are thinking that how you can start a startup without money then it isn’t possible because to start a successful business you need to invest money in your business so that you can scale it up.

Now you have all doubts cleared about startups if you have any questions related to starting startups you ask them in the comments and If you have more ideas about how to start a startup you can share them in the comments. Also, Must share this article with those who want to launch their own startup.

All the Good luck!

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