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PUBG or Players Unknown Battle Ground is one of the most popular game in PC and mobile platform. This game is a multiplayer game with live voice chat. It is a online multiplayer battle royal game developed and published by PUBG Corporation of South Korea. This online game has more than 500 Million downloads worldwide.

All players in PUBG are treated similarly whether he is in level 50 or in level 1. Every player are treated the same. If any player is capable, then the level doesn’t matter. It is a secure online multiplayer game. PUBG allows you to choose your teammates in the game session which helps you to play the game with more ease.

This Game also provides you lots of features like move, arcade mode, missions, achievements, etc. which makes this game very interested and popular.

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List of Top Indian PUBG Players

top Pubg streamers in India, top indian pubg streamers

Do you know who are the top PUBG players of India? Here is the list of best Indian PUBG Players and streamers who got a good fanbase through this game. Everyone is just downloading and playing this game but there are few players who made their mark as best players.

1. CarryIsLive

Carryislive, top Indian PUBG players

2. Dynamo Gaming

3. CosmicYT

cosmic yt, top pubg players In india

4. Kroten Gaming

kroten gaming, top indian pubg streamers

5. Alpha Chaser

6. Garebooo

7. MD Is CrazY

8. DarkSlayer Subhu

9. MortaL


11. Poor Gamer Clan

12. P.K.Gamer

13. BeastBoyShub

14. Subham Gamer

15. The RawKnee Games

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