How Much do TikTok Stars Get Paid in India

Do you want to know how much your favorite TikTok stars get paid? In this article, I will explain that how much money a TikTok Star earn through their video on TikTok.

Tik Tok does not pay content creators directly yet. The only money that can be made through TikTok directly is through digital gifts that viewers gift to the creator. So TikTok isn’t actually paying them, the viewers are (although TikTok takes a cut).

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The viewers and fans send TikTok Coines to their favorite creators when they are live on TikTok. TikTok has an inbuilt feature of Live Streaming, which you will get after 1000 followers on your account. So a creator can go live and their fans send them emojis. These emojis have some fixed price and fans can buy them with some money. For every emoji, the creator gets some coins from which they can redeem and earn money form TikTok.

However, like with most social media platforms popular creators can choose to work with businesses to promote their products.

For example, a popular creator could choose to work with a cosmetics brand and create short videos promoting the product in exchange for cash, a percentage of sales, or free products. This can also be done with affiliate links, which is where whenever someone purchases something through the link you post your receive a percentage of sales.

This is the influencer marketing model that has been popular on a range of platforms for quite some time.

Also, some creators convert their TikTok followers into other social platforms followers i.e YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers.

Some TikTok Creator starts work with the big music companies and works as an actor in their songs/short story videos. Eg: After getting recognization form TikTok Garima Chaurashia (@gima_ashi) work with popular music brand T-Series in 3 different songs.

Basically, after getting famous on TikTok, TikTok creator became a Social Media Influencer and earn money by influencing people on different social media platforms.

Now I hope you know that how Much do TikTok Stars Get Paid in India. If you like the blog share this with those who want to work on TikTok to increase their motivation.

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