Top 10 Female Indian YouTubers and their Channel

YouTube is the fastest growing service of Google. The popularity of this video providing site is touching new highs every day. As its popularity is increasing, many people are joining this platform. YouTube has given equal opportunity to everyone so they can grow on this platform and can entertain/teach others. Many women are also joining this platform and presenting their work to the world. In India, there are many famous channels of these Female Indian YouTubers which has millions of subscribers.

List of Top 10 Female Indian Youtubers

Here is the list of Top 10 Female Indian Youtubers who are the perfect example of Women Empowerment in the Online world.

1. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika has a self-titled YouTube channel where she has 7.4 million subscribers. She is a chef and restaurant consultant and posts food recipe videos on her YouTube Channel. The Food videos of Nisha is very popular among Indians.

Nisha’s recipe tricks are very easy and people love to watch it. She also has food columns on news websites, she also has her own website where she shares food tricks in written format. Nisha joined YouTube on 2nd August 2009 and now she is one of the most famous Female Indian Youtubers.

2. PrettyPriya

PrittyPriya aka Priya Mall is the co-founder of the channel Anaysa. This Channel is Previously known as PrettyPriyaTV and now it is rebranded as Anaysa. Anaysa is the one-stop destination to get your beauty facts right and learn these amazing simple, easy to use home remedies.

Anaysa has 7.1 million followers and 954 million views thus, she is on the second position in the list of Top Female YouTubers in India.

3. Vidya Iyer

Vidya is popularly Known as Vidya Vox because of her YouTube channel. She is on the second spot in the list of top Female YouTubers. She posts Music videos on her Youtube channel. Her music videos are original and very popular. She also worked with many big music companies. Vidya joined Youtube on 14th March 2014.

Starting days she posts remake videos of popular songs but now she sings her original songs with different music companies. Her music fuses many traditional Indian genres with Western Pop and Electronic influences. She has 6.0 million subscribers and 662 million views.

4. Kabita Singh

Kabita Singh’s channel name is Kabita’s Kitchen. She posts Simple, Easy and Authentic Indian Recipe videos on her channel. Her recipes are easy to cook and are very simple for every Indian woman who wants to cook simple foods. She joined YouTube on 07 October 2014. Kabita Singh mainly posts food recipes videos. She has 5.3 Million subscribers and 817 million views.

5. Shruti Arjun Aanand

Shruti Arjun Anand has a self-titled youtube channel. She posts Lifestyle and beauty related videos on her channel. Recently she started posting entertainment videos too. The fashion hacks of Shruti is very popular among girls. One of her videos about Daughters is very popular in which she gives very good knowledge about daughters. She joined YouTube on 22nd January 2010. Shruti has 4.7 million subscribers and 735 million views. Shruti is awarded as Top beauty creator of 2018.

6. Pooja Luthra

Pooja Luthra has a self-titled channel where she posts health and beauty related videos for women in Hindi. She also posts home remedies, skincare tips, makeup tips on her channel. Her weight loss tips and hair care tips are very helpful for women. Pooja joined YouTube in 2012 and now she has 4.3 million subscribers.

7. Prajakta Koli

Parajakta Koli is the owner of the channel MostlySane where she posts lifestyle and entertainment video. Sometimes she also posts judgemental videos about technology and life. Prajakta’s comedy videos are very popular her videos are mostly comical takes on her observation of everyday life situations. She joined youtube in 2015.

8. Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia has a self-brand music youtube channel. She started making Female Cover videos of popular songs. The first song she posted is “Tum Hi Ho” of Aashiqui 2 which was very popular then. After this, she got many offers from music companies to sing songs for them. She also worked with Popular singers like Atif Aslam and Jubin Nautiyal.

Now Shirley Setia also posts lifestyle and dancing videos on her channel. She is also very popular in TikTok. Shirley Setia has 3.1 million followers and 225 million video views.

9. Priya Malik

Priya Malik has a self-titled channel, she posts all about Beauty tips, hair care tips, skincare, and home remedies. Her weight loss and fitness videos are very helpful. Priya also posts mehndi designing videos which are very popular among her subscribers.

She joined youtube in 2011 but start working on her channel in 2016. Priya Malik has 2.7 million subscribers and 242 million views.

10. Anisha Dixit

Anisha Dixit is popularly known as Rickshawali famous for her unique style comedy videos related to female life. She started her channel in 2013 with the unique idea of creating videos in moving Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai.

In the initial days, she posts videos in rikshaw which was very unique and user attracting idea then and she got popular in a very short period of time. Her weird action loved by people and now she has 2.2 million subscribers and 320 million views.

11. Sonali Bhadauria

Sonali Bhadauria is a professional dancer and choreographer from Pune, India. Her channel name is LiveToDance with Sonali as a choreographer she posts cover dance videos on trending Bollywood songs. Her dance steps are sensational and I am a big fan of her.

Sonali started her channel in 2016 and posts simple and short dancing videos. She has now posted 134 dancing videos and got 1.8 million subscribers.

12. Dr. Shalini

Dr. Shalini is MD in Alternate Medicines & a registered practitioner. She is the owner of the channel name ” Recipe With Dr. Shalini” where she posts about Health, Beauty, Skin & Hair Solutions with natural foods. The best thing I like about this channel is that most of her videos are made with the natural solution to any problem which means that there is a very low chance of side effects. Dr. Shalini has 1.8 million subscribers and 218 million views.

Final Words

These are the Top Indian Female YouTubers and are the perfect example of women empowerment. Most of these channel gives beauty tips and kitchen advice but some of them are providing entertainment with dance and comedy videos. I hope I have covered all-female YouTubers in this article, If I missed someone please do mention them in comments. Thanks for visiting.

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